1. The Bench

From the recording Seven Stories part one and two

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The Bench

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The Bench

The varnish peels
On the bench where she sits
She takes in the view
And tries to forget
The one who left
An older man
She thinks back
To when it began

Her disbelief
As they sat on that bench
Hearing his words
That didn’t make sense
He loved her but said
His age was a bind
He ran from her tears
Lest he change his mind

She loved him once
She loved him twice
But the gods didn’t feel
Like playing nice
Left on the bench
Heart broken she cries
Out to the sea
Love never dies

Wanted to hate him
the love was too strong
when he came back
Felt more right than wrong
Found that old bench
where he made amends
Down on one knee
more than just friends

The wasted years
Were all in the past
They built a love
She thought would last
How bitter the blow
When he left her again
With a soft good bye
A whispered Amen


She sits on the bench with the sea view
And a plaque that reads he loved this place too
The dates engraved too close together
inscribed when he said goodbye for ever